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into enriched fertilizer.

food scraps

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60 tons of bioproducts

per day scaleable input


32 Naturtech Systems 

across the US & counting 

3 Awarded US & International Patents

1st and only end-product 

to utilize stabilized nitrogen

We take composting to the next level.

Naturtech's intermodal containers accelerate the bioconversion process through advanced aeration technology, expediting decomposition while capturing greenhouse gases and minimizing odors.


Using advanced aeration technology, our process is 50%-200% faster than traditional windrow composting for end-product formulation.


By utilizing containerized Designed to meet or exceed environmental regulations for air emissions and remove 95% or more of odorous air emissions.


Designed to exceed air emission regulations, Naturtech Systems feature a built-in biofilter that captures 99% of greenhouse gases and odors.

Here's how it works.

Organic waste is collected and sorted, then undergoes controlled decomposition in our patented containerized anerobic digestion technology. Microorganisms break down the organic matter through aerated anaerobic digestion, releasing valuable nutrients. 


The first step is to acquire organic waste, also known as feedstocks. Naturtech Systems have the ability to convert a wide range of feedstocks, including agricultural residues, forestry byproducts, energy crops, and sewage sludge, without any limitations on the amount of waste that can be processed.

 ✔  Unlimited Feedstocks

 ✔  Unlimited Processing

 ✔  Unlimited Scalability

The result?
A biofertilizer that's the
first of it's kind.

Our revolutionary commercially viable biofertilizer featuring stabilized nitrogen redefines plant nourishment, optimizes nutrient uptake and outperforms traditional fertilizers and compost. It empowers farmers, gardeners and landscapers offering unparalleled effectiveness and promoting extraordinary plant health.

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Preserves Water.

  • Up to 75% less water needed

  • Removes nitrate run-off 

  • Carbon sequestration

Revitalizes Soil.

  • ​Increases levels of soluble nutrients

  • Accelerates plant growth

  • Retains nutrients over time

Saves Energy.

  • Less production and transportation

  • Covers more acreage for less cost

  • Sale of credits for carbon removal

Markets we serve.

Our biofertilizer is versatile and can cater to diverse markets, thanks to its adjustable levels of stabilized nitrogen. This adaptability makes it well-suited for various applications, ranging from agriculture and landscaping.

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Sewage Filtration
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We're investing in the future.


Naturtech Systems promote local food accessibility, enhance public health, reduce pollution, and enrich soil fertility for years to come. We're strengthening local sustainability, fostering independence from harmful fossil fuels, and empowering communities with resources for self-sufficiency.

Discover what a Naturtech System can do for you.

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