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Describe one of your services


Describe one of your services

The first manufacturing network that's designed to scale with your brand. 


Having in-house product formulation capabilities in our factories provide greater control over product quality and the ability to tailor formulations to meet specific requirements.


Flexible scheduling production in our factories provide greater agility and responsiveness to changing customer demands, reduce costs associated with idle capacity, and improve overall efficiency.


Our ability to manage logistics and product distribution results in faster delivery, reduced costs, and improved inventory management, all the while saving you time and headaches.

Naturtech System Photo.png

Industry transforming composting technology.

Naturtech is changing the way the world treats organic residuals.

60 tons of bioproducts

per day scaleable input

32 Naturtech Systems 

across the US & counting 

3 Awarded US & International Patents

1st and only end-product 

to utilize stabilized nitrogen

Image by Avinash Kumar

As our planet's eco system becomes weaker, our mission to expand the use of high quality biofertilizer grows stronger.


Naturtech Systems are designed to support local food accessibility, improve public health, reduce pollution, and leave the soil more fertile for years to come.

Image by Gabriel Jimenez

What makes 


Bio Conversion Technology

Designed for the accelarated conversion of underutilized organics into biofertilizer, planter mixes, turf top dressing and landscaping soil.

GHG & Odor Capture

Designed to meet or exceed environmental regulations for air emissions and remove 95% or more of odorous air emissions

Stabilized Nitrogen

This allows our soil products to have a decreased cost per acre and an increased levels of soluble nutrients among other benefits.

Graphic User Interface

User Friendly Graphic Interface & controls, temperature & air flow sensors, internet access, timers and a data logger.

Kids in Vegetable Farm

Our Core Values


Our goal is to strengthen local sustainability that's independent of harmful fossil fuels.


We take pride in providing communities with the tools needed for local self-reliance.

Envir. Justice

We believe that everyone deserves access to healthy, locally produced food. 

Close Up of Corn Field

Meet Jim McNelly, Inventor & Founder of Naturtech.

Jim has been a leading innovator and pioneer in the field of composting for over 35 years. He founded the U.S. Composting Council in 1989, designed the first U.S. composting operation collecting grass clippings, and developed the first commercial use of vermistabilization, an organic solid waste management system.

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Image by Federico Respini

Technology by

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  • How much does the system cost?
    System costs vary. To get a quote, contact us at
  • Is the system easy to operate?
    Naturtech System's are very easy to use and require no more than 4 people to operate.
  • Does the system produce odor or harmful gasses?
    .Due to Naturtech's advanced bio filtration system, 99% of odors and gases are captured and converted into safe bioproducts.
  • How much power is needed for operations?
  • What is the system's life expectancy?
    .If well maintained, a Naturtech System has a life expectancy of 20+ years.

Turn biowaste into profits.

Get to know the technology that's changing the way the world manages waste.

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