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Product Overview

Naturtech's bio-waste conversion technology produces a one of a kind biofertilizer that we've branded as Natursoil.  In addition to its cost & coverage effectiveness, Natursoil also captures carbon,  increases erosion control, reduces run off, and replenishes essential nutrients in the soil which reduces the need for excess application of fertilizer year over year.

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Naturtech System Produced

Compost Based Biofertilizer

Stabilized Nitrogen


Markets Served

Natursoil is optimal to serve several unique industries due to its versatility in stabilized nitrogen.





Parks & Rec

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Product Advantages

Healthier Soil

  • Stabilized Nitrogen

  • High carbon to nitrogen ratio

  • Less tillage required

Water Conservation

  • Up to 75% less water needed

  • Removes nitrate run-off 

Carbon Sequestration

  • Sale of credits for carbon removal

Less Product Required

  • Covers more acreage for less cost

  • Nutrient retention

Energy Footprint

  • Less energy needed for production and transportation

Garden Soil
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