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System Overview

Through industry leading composting technology, Naturtech provides the infrastructure to build green and sustainable communities by converting discarded and underutilized organics into high quality biofertilizer. 

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Image by Avinash Kumar

Bio Conversion Technology

Biofertilizer Production

Green House Gas 
& Odor Capture

Graphic User Interface

Markets Served

Naturtech's patented technology & process coverts naturally available, discarded and underutilized organic waste such as food residuals, yard trimmings, animal manure, biosolids, and forest byproducts into enhanced biofertilizers.


WWT Facilities




Image by Luca Bravo
Vegetable Garden
Sewage Filtration
Image by Olena Sergienko
Image by Olena Sergienko
Image by Olena Sergienko

Composting Digesters

NaturTech's patented intermodal containers are the heart of the bioconversion process. Through advanced, aeration technology, Naturtech's containerized digesters are designed to accelerate the decomposition process while capturing greenhouse gasses and reducing odor output.

RCM container FINAL .png
RCM container FINAL .png
RCM container FINAL .png

External Features

  • Reinforced double wall construction

  • 50 MM drain in all 4 corners

  • Epoxy paint to ocean shipping specifications

  • Gasketed hatch lid for oxygenation and temperature control

Internal Features

  • Corresion resistant coating

  • Self-cleaning perforated floors

  • Smooth inner wall with replaceable insulation lining


Modular biofilter

Greenhouse Gasses and odor control

Data logger

for efficient data collection and tracking

Quick airline couplers

Other System Components

Using high grade equipment ensures the highest quality end product.

Batch Mixer

Bio Filters 

Process Controller

Curing Systems

Product Screen

Auxiliary Equipment

Image by Ricardo Gomez Angel

The Process

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Feedstock Creation

  • Locally sourced

  • High in nutrients

  • Repurposes waste


Feedstock Acquisition

  • ​On-site or off-site options

  • Low cost to acquire


Mixing & Filtering 

  • Patented Mixture​

container icon.png

Containerized Composting

  • GHG capture

  • Odor control

  • Accelerated Decomposition

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Resting Phase

  • Low maintenance

  • Stabilized Nitrogen

The Result: 


The result is a one-of-a-kind, commercially viable, sustainable soil product that's rich in nutrients, costs less per acre than alternative products, and replenishes damaged soil for years to come.

Turn biowaste into profits.

Get to know the technology that's changing the way the world manages waste.

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